Radio Brunei launched - May 1957
Televisyen Brunei launched - July 1975

From its early establishment, Radio and Televisyen Brunei conveyed information, knowledge and entertaiment. Information disseminated included current affairs, society-related and also sport.

Government Radio Networks

  • Nasional FM (92.3fm)
  • Pilihan FM (95.9fm)
  • Pelangi FM (91.4fm)
  • Harmoni FM (94.1fm)
  • Nur Islam FM (93.3fm)

Radio Brunei also launched the 'NetRadio', to enable globle listeners to listen to Radio Brunei, just log on ( - netradio)

Privately Radio Networks.

  • Kristal FM (90.7fm)

  • RTB1 Channel
  • RTB2 Channel
  • Brunei International Channel

also provide Kristal Astro variety Channel

The Press

  • Pelita Brunei (weekly the Brunei government Malay newspaper)
  • Brunei Darussalam Newsletter (monthly the Brunei government English newsletter) More related information log on (
  • Borneo Bulletin (daily)
  • Media Permata (daily)
  • The Brunei Times (daily)

By the way a number of foreign Newspaper and Magazines are also available.

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